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Dimethyl sulfoxide

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Product Specification:
  • Chemical formula :


  • Density:


  • molecular weight:


  • Appearance:

    Colorless liquid

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  Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a sulfur-containing organic compound, which is a transparent liquid with a bitter taste at room temperature. It is a kind of flammable liquid that absorbs moisture.It is characterized by high polarity, high boiling point, good thermal stability, non-proton, and water miscibility. It can be dissolved in most organic materials such as ethanol, propyl alcohol, benzene and chloroform, and is known as the "universal solvent".In the presence of acid, a small amount of methyl mercaptan, methyl aldehyde, dimethyl sulfide, mesylate and other compounds are produced.

Packing: Galvanized iron drum package, 225kg/drum. Sealed storage.
Another name:
Methane, sulfinylbis
Chemical formula:
Molecular weight:
78.13 EINECS No.: 200-664-3
Melting point:
18.4 °C 酸度系数:
Acidity coefficient:
35(at 25℃)
Boiling point:
189°C 闪点:
Flashing point:
折射率 :
Refractive index:
1.4795 密度:
Vapour pressure:
0.049mm Hg(20℃) 爆炸极限值:
Explosive limit:
1.987(25℃);2.2(20℃);1.290(50℃) 蒸气密度:
Vapour density:
Freezing point
18.4℃ 外观:
Colorless liquid

Application area:
  Dimethyl sulfoxide is an important non-proton polar solvent that is both soluble in water and soluble in organic solvents.It is widely used as solvent and reaction reagent, with high selective extraction ability.Dimethyl sulfoxide itself has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, diuresis, sedation and other functions. It can be used as the raw material and carrier of certain drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.It is known as the "panacea", often used as the active component of analgesic drugs in the drug.
  1.  Used for the reaction medium of aromatic extraction, resin and dye, acrylic polymerization, solvent of drawing silk, etc.
  2. Organic solvent, reaction medium and organic synthesis intermediate.Extremely versatile.This product has a high ability of selective extraction and polysulfone resin used in acrylic resin polymerization and condensation of solvent, polymerization of polyacrylonitrile and acetate fiber spinning solvent, the separation of alkanes and aromatics extraction solvents, used for aromatics, butadiene extraction, acrylic spinning, the plastic solvent and organic synthesis of dye, pharmaceutical and other industrial reaction medium.In medicine, dimethylsulfoxide has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and has a strong osmotic effect on the skin, so some drugs can be dissolvable, so that these drugs can penetrate into the body to achieve therapeutic purposes.The carrier characteristics of dimethylsulfoxide can also be used as an additive for pesticides.A small amount of dimethyl sulfoxide is added to some pesticides to help the pesticide penetrate into the plant to improve its efficacy.Dimethyl sulfoxide is solvent can be used as synthetic fiber dyeing, dye, dyeing carrier, also can be used as recycled acetylene, sulfur dioxide absorbing agent, synthetic fiber modification agent, antifreeze and capacitance medium, brake oil, rare metals extraction agent, etc.
  3.  Used as analytical reagent and gas chromatographic stationary liquid, and also used as solvent in the analysis of ultraviolet spectra.
  4.  Transdermal accelerator.Dimethyl sulfoxide is one of the earliest transdermal osmotic promoters, which may be related to its solvability.Dimethylsulfoxide can change the protein in keratinocytes;It can destroy the orderly arrangement of the lipids between the cells of cuticle.
  Can remove the stratum corneum lipids, lipoproteins, enhance the osmosis of drugs, but using a high concentration of dimethyl sulfoxide, can make the skin erythema, blisters and irreversible damage to the United States has disabled. Commonly used concentration of 30% to 30%.
  5. Antifreeze.The freezing point of pure dimethyl sulfoxide is 18 to 45 ℃, the water cut of 40% dimethyl sulfoxide - 60 ℃ is not frozen, and dimethyl sulfoxide exothermic when mixed with water, snow.Therefore, it is convenient to make automobile antifreeze, brake fluid and hydraulic components.Ethylene glycol antifreeze in over - 40 ℃ low temperature is not applicable, and less than dimethyl sulfoxide boiling point, poisonous, easy to produce gas resistance.The dimethylsulfoxide antifreeze is used in cars and chariots in the cold region of the north and can be replenished with the water at any time.Dimethyl sulfoxide is also used as antifreeze agent for deicing agents, coatings, various latex antifreeze agents, gasoline, and aviation coal, and anti-freeze agents in bone marrow, blood and organs.

Health hazard:
  DMSO has a certain toxic effect, when used to avoid its volatilization, it is necessary to prepare 1% to 5% of ammonia, and then wash with a lot of water and dilute ammonia.
  The most common types are nausea, vomiting, rashes, and garlic, onion, and oysters in the skin and exhaled gases.
Inhalation: high volatility may cause headache, dizziness and calmness.
  Skin: can burn skin and make skin prickle, as seen in the rash and blisters.If the dimethyl sulfoxide has contact with the water, it will produce a thermal reaction.To avoid contact with dimethyl sulfoxide solution containing toxic materials or substances, because of its unknown toxicity, and dimethyl sulfoxide could penetrate into skin, under certain conditions will be toxic substances to the skin.
Absorption: low risk of absorption.

The storage method:
  1.The product should be sealed in a cool, dry place to avoid light preservation.
  2.The product is packed in aluminum, plastic or glass bottles.Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, according to flammable and toxic substances.

Security information:
  Hazard mark:Xi
  Secure note: S24/25-S37/39-S26
  Hazard type code:R36/37/38
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